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Common Misconceptions on Homeowner Insurance and Claims Denials

Bill Voss, Attorney

Bill Voss is a longtime The Woodlands, Texas, attorney who emphasizes client education when assisting them in getting the settlements to which they are entitled in 'large loss' insurance coverage cases. In his role as attorney, Bill Voss strives to work with clients in understanding exactly what is covered under their home insurance before filing claims.

Unfortunately, misinformation abounds, with an insurance company survey indicating that nearly 60 percent of homeowners believe that a fire damage claim can be filed even in situations where the fire results from an unswept chimney. More than half of respondents also thought that faulty or old wiring causing a fire would not prevent them from filing an insurance claim. The surprising news to many is that claims will invariably be rejected should fires result from these causes.

Home insurance misconceptions extend to weather-related claims, with some 59 percent of homeowners believing that lack of maintenance affecting damage related to weather events will have no bearing on the payout they receive. The same goes for structural damage claims, in which neglected cracks and other issues are not seen as affecting payouts for wall and ceiling collapses.


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