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Who Do You Call When Your Business Is Hit by a Tornado?

Bill Voss, Attorney

Founder of The Voss Law Firm, PC, attorney Bill Voss serves his clients in property insurance claim cases. As an accomplished attorney, Bill Voss specializes in providing assistance to clients in complex and large cases, such as tornado damage to a commercial property.

After a tornado strikes your business, you need to make three calls. First, contact the local emergency authorities, including the police and fire department, as well as ambulance services if they are needed. Reporting the incident quickly helps insure the safety of those who may be affected as well as ultimately helps subsequent insurance claims move smoothly and quickly through the claims process.

Next, call the relevant insurance provider to report the incident. Again, the report should be made immediately to avoid problems with the claim. After calling, it is wise to submit a written report of the damage. Following the initial contact, keep an accurate and complete record of all communications with the insurance company.

Finally, you should get in touch with an attorney who has experience with commercial insurance claims. In the case of a large loss, an attorney can help develop a clear recovery plan and ensure that the claim gets taken care of fairly and in a timely manner.


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